Her Old Table Cloth (fragment_2) [Limited Edition Print]


This is an extract from a painting that I have done in 2019.

I often use elements from a composition to create a new one.


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More about Her Old Table Cloth painting (acrylic on sewed canvas  – bed sheet, linen and table cloth)

I am looking for a way to express change, becoming. I start every time from a sheet-witness (this time I used a table cloth from my grandmother).

I worked on it as it was, as I found it, with imperfections and old stains. The paint I’ve used got imprinted on the other part of the sheet, enriching it.  Each stain represents a fingerprint. No decision may be changed anymore, or, not without traces. Any negligence, any bleeding transpires, and I find it nice to try to figure out a hidden story behind this old table cloth.

The key in my work is the wish to shape a moment from real elements, usable objects. I want to remind everyone that their home bedroom, the notes on the refrigerator or the wine stains on the carpet are all “art” and then that, gathered together, reflect the privacy of everyone, a mirror of our thoughts. How else can it be better represented “a moment of life”?

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43 x 24 cm, 129 x 72 cm


on beautiful Hahnemühle bamboo-fibre paper


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