5 Artists Interviews: The Open Call #2

5 Artists Interviews is a 5-year book-project of the artist Kim Egnelen . Each book has interviews with 5 contemporary artists. The interview itself contains of 5 questions. The artists can show up to 5 images of their art. All 5 interviews were sent via email.

I am one of the artists selected by Kim to be part of her second book, now available for sale via Amazon.



“With 5 Artists-Interviews, I prefer in-depth interviews that matter to the reader and the interviewed artist. Therefore I looked into each artist, their artworks, working method, possible collaborations, etcetera. I checked their art, interviews, and or books via their website, Instagram, and/or other platforms that showcased their work. Also, I asked the artists themselves to send me links to their work and/or other material that they wanted me to see or read.” (Kim Engelen )

The topic of Book #2 is the Open Call. A particular phenomenon in the visual arts. More and more open calls for artists are popping up. Some offering artists money. Some are voluntary. And some are asking artists to pay an application fee. This open call was free to enter for contemporary artists. And voluntarily, no money was being offered. Nor asked. To agree with this I asked the artists to sign a Permission to Publish Form.

A total of 60 applications came in. I am one of the artists selected by Kim Engelen. The other artists that have been chosen for this book are:
Guilherme Bergamini (BR)
Patricia Borges (BR)
Angel Correa (CO)
Toine Horvers (NL) Jieyuan Huang (CN)


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