The universal word

The topic is “the universal word” – the synthesis of an idea, better said, the result is a new language, the association of images, letters and emptiness.

“Incomplete Keyboard” is a visual solution I have found to suggest deficiency and lack of completeness, as a result of a culture fragmented by the agglomeration of information that comes together with the phenomenon of globalization. It is a poor but essential language, a Weltanschauung of contemporaneity. Much like the keyboard of a piano, which can give birth to endless groups of sounds, “Incomplete Keyboard” is not just an object made up of 19 pieces, but an infinite land – a scene for a released painting performance. (Each piece can be shown as an independent one, or also in groups of three, four etc.).

I employ multiple visual arts mediums:

Painting, but also photography and video. Nevertheless, all these have one thing in common: their observation point, may it be a screen, a lentil, a peep hole. Any of these may be in fact frame, and may be portrayed accordingly: the outline of a shape on canvas. This time around I’ve decided to distribute the elements, the color, the lines, outside an empty shape. In this case the emptiness is symbolized by the whiteness of the canvas, taking 19 different forms, placed in the center of each key. This “white” is not only a way of portraying the screen/ peep hole, as part of the art since observation phase, but also a metaphor for the speed of globalization.

Exhibited artworks

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