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Love & Politics | Book

Featured in: Love & Politics | Book

Author(s): Evgenia Giannopoulou / Hannes Schumacher (eds.), DE

[...] In February 2017, I stood in front of the Romanian government alongside thousands of Romanians. There, I experienced synchronization, desire and love. [...]"

Link: https://freigeist-verlag.net

Iele 2 | Article

Featured in: Article in Art Reveal Magazine, UK

Author(s): Ioana Niculescu Aron

[...] Every year, on 23rd of June, they severly punish the men that interrupts their dance. [...]"

Link: http://www.artrevealmagazine.com/iele-2-by-ioana-niculescu-aron/

„Life itself is art” and the portraits of the quotidian | Interview

Featured in: Interview inIelele Magazine, RO

Author(s): Ioana Niculescu Aron, Maria Chiper (eds.)

[...] I start with such role-plays, let my imagination flow, and then everything comes by itself [...]"

Link: https://ieleleonline.ro/2018/01/19/ioana-niculescu-aron/

Equilibrium exhibition at Artifact, New York | Article

Featured in: Article in Art Reveal Magazine, UK

Author(s): Anne Grahm (eds.)

[...] The fact that at this important moment for the places and people I love, I am in America makes me navigate from smoke to leaves, from color-light to darkness with a flexibility and a coherence that seem incredible [...]"

Link: http://www.artrevealmagazine.com/equilibrium-exhibition-at-artifact-new-york/

Ioana Niculescu Aron, Bucharest, Romania | Interview

Featured in: Interview from Art Reveal Magazine, UK

Author(s): Ioana Niculescu Aron, Anne Grahm (eds.)

[...] I find art today to well organized and galleries to sterile. Why shall we sterilize painting? [...]"

Link: https://issuu.com/artrevealmagazine/docs/no_17/70

HOTEL by Ioana Alexandra Niculescu Aron | Article

Featured in: Article in Art Reveal Magazine, UK

Author(s): Ioana Niculescu Aron

[...] These buildings will accommodate the echo of my voice, placed in various art forms: painting, video, installation, performance. Inside each building I will therefore place an ensemble of voices with different intensities to represent privacy [...]"

Link: http://www.artrevealmagazine.com/hotel-by-ioana-alexandra-niculescu-aron/