About Ioana Niculescu Aron

  • 1994 Born, Bucharest Romania
  • 2017 Graduated, National University of Arts in Bucharest, Romania
  • 2019 – Now PhD in Visual Arts, Text-Image in Media Environment

Who is Ioana Niculescu Aron?

Ioana Niculescu-Aron (22nd of February, 1994) is a vibrant artist from Romania, who’s artworks have traveled the world: Italy, Spain, France, Romania, Germany (the Dali museum in Berlin, Regensburg) the USA (New York, California, Miami). She studied in 3 countries, always with a scholarship, and every place that she traveled to added a layer of complexity to her art.

Despite her young age, Ioana is not the typical bohemian artist. She paints with a clarity and conviction that would make an entrepreneur jealous. Ioana’s art is bold, effervescent and entrepreneurial. She fearlessly refuses to accept limits, she bends reality and challenges the status quo.

Instead of the tormented artist, she rather reminds us of the visionary leader. Her paintings are compelling, they pull you closer, and are pulsating with life. Grillo Gaetano, renowned artist and Ioana’s Professor at Accademia di Belli Arti di Brera, Milano once said that ‘she has color running through her veins instead of blood’.

Most importantly, her artwork has depth. At the first glance you notice the beautiful colors, and the compelling aesthetics. Her art is not exclusive, it seems to bring in its surroundings and rapidly becomes a statement. But the more you look at her paintings, the more you uncover. I often find myself re-discovering her paintings, even years after I first laid eyes on them. Her art is chameleonic, emphatic, and it absorbs the viewer with an unexpected force.

For Ioana ‘the world itself is art’, and by blending the abstract with the experiential, she creates work that speaks to our existential concerns. It is not new to be inspired by our surroundings, but when looking around, Ioana has a gift to see through the chaos and then like a collage, to put together the pieces that point out the very essence of human emotions.

In her art instinct and intention coexist. She was called ‘child prodigy’ (Simona Vilau, Curator), and she is now transforming into an ambitious woman. Through introspection she gives her artwork a part of her personality, and manages to create a world with questions and answers, fears, intrigue, and emotion. In a world that changes at high-speed, her gift to the viewer, is a reason to slow down and reflect.


Solo exhibitions

  • 2021 / Transversal / 1001 arte Gallery / Bucharest / Romania
  • 2018 / Notes of a Painter / Europe Gallery / Brasov / Romania
  • 2018 / IELE 2 / Sun Plaza Atrium / Bucharest / Romania
  • 2017 / 3D HOTEL (The Third) / Alina Buga Art Studio/ Regensburg / Germany
  • 2017 / IELE / The Art of Living Art Gallery / Bucharest/ Romania
  • 2016 / November / Romanian Cultural Institute / New York / U.S.A.
  • 2016 / Equilibrium / Artifact Gallery / New York / U.S.A.
  • 2016 / Mereu: 8 Rue Seveste, 75018 Paris / Go Contemporary Art Gallery / Bucharest/ Romania
  • 2016 / Mereu: 8 Rue Seveste, 75018 Paris / Europe Gallery / Brasov / Romania
  • 2014 / Quintessence / Smart Change / Bucharest / Romania

Group exhibitions

  • 2020 / Museum of Broken Relationships / Rezidenta BRD Scena9 / Bucharest
  • 2020 / Book as Revolution / European Biennale of Book Object / Carei
  • 2019 / Remembering Rembrandt / 1001 Arte Gallery / Bucharest
  • 2019/ From Painting to Life / Poetics and Politics (part 1) / Chaosoms Art Space / Athens
  • 2019 / Laborna & Friends / Laborna Gallery / Bucharest
  • 2019 / Artrooms Fair / Melia White House / London
  • 2018 / Squares / CICA Museum / Gimpo / South Korea
  • 2018 / Cold Cases / Old Police Cell Museum / Brighton / UK
  • 2018 / Measures / The Art Vacancy Gallery / NY / U.S.A
  • 2017 / Fusion Arts Fair / Noblesse Palace / Bucharest / Romania
  • 2017 / Bosom Bodies: An Exhibition in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month / SIA Gallery / Peekskill (NY)/ U.S.A.
  • 2016 / New Artists / Arcub Gallery / Bucharest / Romania
  • 2016 / After Work Culturel / Moulhouse / Motoco Group/ France
  • 2015 / Help Hope Nepal Mural / Spectrum Art Basel Miami Art Fair / Miami / U.S.A.
  • 2016 / Abstract / Zero Gallery / Barcelona/ Spain
  • 2015 / Dream Art / Salvador Dali’ Museum / Berlin/ Germany
  • 2015 / International Contemporary Art / Centrale ENEL Taccani Trezzo sull’Adda / Milan/ Italy
  • 2015 / Peoples / Sebastopol Centre for the Arts Gallery II / California/ U.S.A.
  • 2014 / Does the power seduce the soul?! / City Business Centre Building C/ Timisoara/ Romania


  • 2019 / The Brancusi award offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute / Residency at Cité internationale des arts Paris
  • 2017 / Erasmus Scholarship for a four months stage/ Residency/ Regensburg/ Germany
  • 2017 / Merit Scholarship offered by The National University of Arts / First Prize / Bucharest/ Romania
  • 2016 / Merit Scholarship offered by The National University of Arts / First Prize / Bucharest/ Romania
  • 2016 / Erasmus Scholarship Haute école des arts du Rhin / MA/ Mulhouse/ France
  • 2015 / Merit Scholarship offered by The National University of Arts / First Prize/ Bucharest/ Romania
  • 2015 / Erasmus Scholarship Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera / BA/ Milan/ Italy
  • 2015 / The first artist selected to be part of 99 Lovers from around the world project / First Prize / Munich/ Germany
  • 2014 / Merit Scholarship offered by The National University of Arts / First Prize / Bucharest/ Romania
  • 2014 / The winner of the competition The Ladder / the only selected artist/ Laborna Gallery/Bucharest/ Romania
  • 2013 / Merit Scholarship offered by The National University of Arts / First Prize / Bucharest/ Romania


What people are saying about Ioana:

  • “Wild, weird, whimsical. It’s also this very energy that I like in you”; Ivan Fayard
  • Ioana Niculescu-Aron has been impressively prolific for her young years. . . . Mingling the abstract with the experiential, Ioana creates work that speaks to our existential concerns. In her works for the exhibition Equilibrium, she focused on a colorful, lyricism in abstraction. Ioana is inspired by the various aspects of our urban environments. . . . One of her most challenging works took place in the abandon seaside casino in Constanta, Romania, wherein she videoed its haunting interiors and her personal perceptions, as if in search of her own sense of self and her humanity within the landscape of contemporary decrepitude. By exploring this magnificent Art Nouveau building (completed in 1910), she seems to record her awareness of time, touch, sight, smell and hearing in terms of its ephemeral qualities — like the history of this forgotten luxury resort. Hopefully, she will continue her project at the casino in the future.” ; Beth S. Gersh-Nešić, director and owner, New York Arts Exchange, LLC
  • With a tough yet very flexible and perceptive personality, ever-changing sources of inspiration and solid understanding and command of her inner world as well as the world around her in general, she may just be a force to be reckoned with.” ; Romanian artist Dimitrie Budiaci
  • I know Ioana when she was 15. I knew then she will become a great ARTIST. Her paintings are so fitting, some of them are talking to you – it is incredible! I love her work and I love her.” ; Clara Zonis
  • “Paintings of the artist Ioana Niculescu-Aron reveal her great interest in the connection between art and society in rare creativity and in fascinating artistic combinations of clarity with abstract areas that blur places or identities.Ioana Niculescu-Aron enlists her passion, professionalism, and experience through palette of colors and black and white that are translated into stains and lines that create tension and interactions between them. Her works are original and mesmerize the viewer because they manage to convey emotion and interest.” ; Roni Ben Ari, photographer, curator and multimedia artist
  • I have known Ioana since she was a little girl, since then she was full of curiosity and busting with creativity. She remained the same in her adult life, a young woman who never ceased to explore and experiment, but at the same time who has a strong concept behind her work and works very hard. Even if she is very young, she already exhibited in many parts of this world and produced an important body of works.” ; Magda Vacariu, Romanian painter and art teacher