Information on Ioana's art styles

Acrylic on Bed Sheet

The story of the unfolded bed sheet

I am looking for a way to express change, becoming. I start every time from a sheet-witness, already folded. I do not bother to unfold it, but I start to work on it as it is, as I found it. But the paint stains get imprinted on the other parts of the sheet as well. Ever since the beginning, the other parts also felt the broken charcoals and the diluted paint that was leaking on the canvas I was working on. Each stain represents a fingerprint. No decision may be changed anymore, or, not without traces.

Any negligence, any bleeding transpires, and I find it nice to try to figure out a hidden figurative that is below the folding of the white sheet – in which it sinks. The art stains.


Today for me painting is COLLAGE. The painting is a collage of SPACE, OXYGEN AND LIGHT.
All people run for urban. The city is antithetical COLLAGE of thoughts that crowded coexist side by side - for which get to work together.

Streets, structures, asphalt, pipes - are composition elements for air and color - are lines of force. But the city is also the one that can rob you of a healthy and steady breathing. I translate these findings into painting. My canvases do not resemble (look alike) one to each other. I prefer to keep different elements for each canvas than melting everything in one single canvas; this way I suggest the change. The cities are clogged - which we can’t hinder. We can only savor this phenomenon of globalization and try to keep up the speed with which seeps. Therefore, I consider collage handiest - allow the essence not only offered by one, but by a group of elements, a variety of arts, and why not, a set of artists. The city is a destructive force, and we, the artists, passionate about deconstruction to reconstruction.

Painting on Canvas

I materialize painting by almost transparent layers of primer or color. I give depth into space and the light of color from almost nothing. I build textures and densities. I let my self get lost first in an abyss of color inside a detail of microscope. I separate then through thin lines of architecture the purity of color. I like to draw to thin out and to thicken the lines.

Whether it is about feathers, plastic or acrylic  color paste, they are suggestions of individual analysis of the color, the gesture and the texture.

Extended Painting

Painting on Sewed Canvas


I’ve started to take pictures to document my painting work or to get inspiration for new projects. I’ve never been so serious about photography, but I was enjoying it a lot. That joy and playfulness made me think of pictures as independent projects.

Word Art



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